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Doggy Walks

Need your dog walking? We offer a reliable and friendly service in the following areas:

Barnetby, Brigg, Broughton, South Kelsey, North Kelsey, Wrawby and other surrounding areas in North Lincolnshire.

All enquiries welcome by telephone or e-mail.


Recentley looked after the lovely Molly as part of our cat drop in service

Luna and Poppy

Luna and Poopy enjoying one of their visits

Jessie and Kovu

Jessie and Kovu enjoying one of their doggy day care days

Snowy Walks

Max enjoying his snowy walk on Wednesday

Our Irish Visitor

Rosie recently enjoyed her stay here playing with Molly and Louie

Daisy and Hamish

Daisy and Hamish enjoying one of their doggy day care days

Chewie and Bennie

We had the pleasure of looking after another Basset Hound and a Chow Chow!


We have recently had a busy week looking after six of these lovely Newfoundlands.

Our Scottish Visitor

Mac enjoyed two weeks with us in May - he soon became part of the gang!


Otis hanging out with Louie


Lola frequently enjoys her day playing with Molly and Louie


Rio has just enjoyed a lovely week here, becoming good friends with Molly and Louie


Bo enjoying the lovely weather during our regular drop in session

Double Trouble

Our latest twosome Stanley and Winnie have enjoyed getting up to mischief with Molly and Louie, becoming true partners in crime.

Our Youngest Visitor

12 week old Stella, the golden doodle, regularly enjoys her playdates with Molly and Louie.

New Friends!

Molly and Louie have had a great couple of days this week, spending time with the two chihuahuas Taro and Dexter. They did a good job taking care of them during their stay, successfully keeping them occupied and happy.

Areas covered

Pet Drop In Service, Dog Walking, Home Boarding and Fish Tank Maintenance now covered in the following areas:

Barnetby, Barrow Upon Humber, Barton Upon Humber, Brigg, Broughton, Caister, Grimsby, Immingham, New Holland, Scawby, Scunthorpe, Wrawby, Wressle

and all other surrounding areas in Lincolnshire and East Riding of Yorkshire.